Earn Extra Money By Cleaning Out Your Game Room


We recently cleaned out our game room in order to make room for a pool table.  This was a HUGE task!  The room was jam packed with board games, loose toys, a huge bean bag, shelves with toys, game systems, art materials, etc.  This room should have been cleaned out years ago, but instead we just kept adding our new toys, etc. to our kids hang out.  You wouldn’t believe how many games, CD’s and DVD’s I found in there that I had forgotten that we even had.  The kids have a few game systems, but they never play them.  It is sad how much money we have spent on trying to find games that the boys would like.  They play them, do not care for them, and then they get lost and that’s it!  Finally I stopped buying games for their game systems since they love playing the cheap games offered on  iPad and iPod.  Why push the game consoles anymore?  I hate to get rid of them, but they aren’t doing anyone a bit of good laying in the floor collecting dust.

As far as the CD’s, no one listens to them in the house either thanks to iTunes and the DVD’s, they are just in the way too.  Speaking of movies, do you still have VHS tapes?  We had tons of them and my 12 year old can’t bear to part with them since most of them were his when he was little, so he boxed them up and hauled them all to his room before I had the chance to get rid of them.  He is watching them one at a time and throwing them away as he comes to those that don’t have clear pictures anymore.

While I was cleaning out the game room, I made boxes of things to donate and boxes of  items that I thought I could sell.  I put all the  games, CD’s and DVD’s aside and figured I’d sell the game systems and the games at the game store. The only problem with this idea is that I know I would make more  money on a trade rather than a straight buy out but I have no intentions on trading my old games for any new ones.  I had also thought about selling them in a yard sale, but I do not have time to get enough stuff together to have a big yard sale any time soon.  After searching for stores that buy used games, I have decided to use Music Magpie to bring in a few extra bucks because they will take my DVDs, CDs and my games.  Do your kids get tired of their games easily?  Have you traded any of them in for new games or do you keep all your games and continue to play your favorites?


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  1. I had the same problem when my wife and I moved to a smaller house. We parted with much of it through garage sales but sounds like Music Magpie whould have be another great alternative. Purchasing games, toys, games, and the like for our children is challenging enough without worring about where to store all the stuff they don’t play with. At our house regrettably most of what we buy ends up in the “garage sale” pile.

  2. Yeah, this is an awesome resource. Thank you!

    I am going to show my teen … he will like having this option.

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