Fruit Dip Recipe for Kids!

The dog days of summer are right around the corner. Once school lets out and packed or cafeteria lunches go out the door, one of my biggest challenges is making sure my kids continue to make healthy eating choices. It may seem easier to grab fast food on the way home from the pool, but there are tons of better picks at home that are just as simple and can be fun to make with the kids. One of my favorite snacks in the summertime is a yummy low-fat fruit dip, served with fresh chilled apples, melons, strawberries, grapes, or any other fruit that looks ripe at the store.

The best part about this easy, one-minute dip is that it only requires two ingredients. Perfect for those budding chefs that are still too little for complicated recipes! And did I mention that it’s healthy? Each guilt-free serving has a mere 115 calories and NO fat grams. The recipe below makes enough for 12 servings, so be sure to cover and refrigerate if you’re making it ahead of time and/or have leftovers:


  • One Tub of Fat-Free Cool Whip

  • One Container of Weight Watchers Strawberry Yogurt


In a large mixing bowl, combine Cool Whip and Yogurt, blending until smooth. Serve with fresh fruit (or graham crackers are yummy, too), or cover and refrigerate to enjoy later!

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