Gift Idea: Spa Package For Mother’s Day

5 Reasons to Treat Mom to a Spa Package This Mother’s Day


Last week, a friend was talking to me about possible gifts that she is planning on buying her mom for Mother’s Day.  She said that this year Mother’s Day was slipping up on her and she doesn’t want to wait until the very last minute to find the perfect gift.  After some discussion, we decided an indulgent Mother’s Day spa package would be a great (and reasonably affordable) gift, for a number of reasons…

#1: A Mother’s Day spa package will make mom feel truly special

A lot of people will simply head to the nearest American Greetings store to pick out a card, and may select a generic ‘NUMBER ONE MOM!’ mug, when Mother’s Day rolls around. While many moms do appear to appreciate such tokens, these are hardly gifts which keep on giving!  Besides, this sort of present doesn’t really suggest you took the time to seriously consider what mom might like, and simply picked up the first suitably-themed novelty gift you saw.

Not only will surprising mom with a spa day see her pampered in a way she deserves, but the memories of this lovely experience will last much longer than a box of chocolates or flower bouquet.

#2: It’s possible for mom to pick her own spa treatments (and even the venue!)

Most spa packages comprise a list of treatments from which guests can choose. This means mom won’t just feel spoiled; she’ll actually be spoiled for choice also! This means you won’t have to worry whether she might prefer a facial, pedicure or hot stone massage (etc.) and simply let her select her preferences on the day.

Many spa booking services understand the desire for bespoke experiences, and as such offer vouchers which can be used at any of the venues they represent. This allows mom to pick any one she might prefer. Of course, you can buy a voucher for a specific spa if this is more suitable. You can even find a eucalyptus-themed spa that I think would be a great experience to visit.

#3: You’ll get the chance to unwind too

Everyone deserves a chance to unwind from the stresses of daily life for a change too! Did you know that many spas offer mother-daughter spa breaks specifically, in which the pairs can choose to have identical – or different – treatments to each other, while undergoing each in the same room.

Many people turn to their moms for advice whenever they have a problem or just feel irrationally emotional, and often the reverse is true too. This possibly means there have been few recent opportunities to bond with our dear mas in a tranquil state of body and mind.  Being relaxed and totally at ease allows us to truly appreciate the company of those around us, and so spas are an ideal space for bonding.

#4: There’s much room for bonding, outside of the spa too!

While undergoing the spa treatments themselves provides a perfect opportunity for mother-daughter bonding, rekindling your connection and friendship does not have to happen within the spa alone. Should you – or your mother – choose a spa venue located in a city you rarely visit, there’s sure to be plenty of tourist attractions, and other places of interest, you can visit together. This is where planning a trip to a cincinnati spa (or elsewhere relevant) will come in useful! Spa hotel packages are particularly suitable in this regard, since you will have the flexibility to see the sights before, or after your treatments, should you have somewhere local to stay at night.

You may also wish to treat her – and yourself – to a fine meal in a luxury restaurant too (though you should never underestimate the fun that can be had at a  fast food establishment, should your budget be tight!)

#5: The element of surprise…

The best thing about giving a spa voucher to your mom for Mother’s Day is that she will have no idea that’s what you’ve got her until the moment of the reveal. Handing her a greetings card alone might seem underwhelming at first, but she’ll soon discover your pampering token within!

Make sure to spend quality time with “Mom” this year on Mother’s Day.  We need to remember that “Mom” won’t always be around for us, so it is important that we let her know how we feel about her while she is with us.

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  1. I have given my Mom a spa gift certificate several times over the years-usually for Mother’s Day but sometimes for her birthday as well. Of course I also take her out to dinner since she always saves the GC for when she has a spare moment! The one thing I always forget is the card!!!!!!!!

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