How Many Bags Do I Need?

For most girls, a bag can be anything from a useful diaper bag that you shove all of your child’s belongings in to a classy Coach wristlet you use for a night on the town, but how many do you really need?  Most women have several bags for different occasions, events, and outing types, but too many bags can add clutter, chaos, and disorder to your home.


This is my baby bag from my last son who is now almost 7 – but it is my FAVORITE!

The easiest way to determine exactly how many bags you need is to sit down and make a list of all the things you use your bags for.  For example, do you have a lot of daytrips with your children?  What about business engagements?  Do you attend fancy parties, or are most of your activities fairly low-key?

purse 2

Look at the awesome fringe and wild interior!

While downsizing your bag collection can be a challenge, sometimes just looking at all of them and asking yourself how often you really use your bags can be a fantastic starting point.  Lay out all of your bags on your bed and carefully pick up and hold each one.  Ask yourself, “How does this bag make me feel?”  Do you like the texture?  Do you like the appearance?  Do you like the way your items fit inside the bag? Is it useful?


Great pockets and LOTS of room!  I picked out this material and had this made before the baby came and LOVED showing it off!

Remember, if a bag doesn’t make you feel stunning when you’re using it or if you constantly feel frustrated because your phone doesn’t fit inside or because your child’s diapers are always falling out, ditch it!  Your bags should highlight your outfit, appearance, and personality.  Never use a bag that makes you feel bad.  While there are certainly bags you will only use a few times a year for formal occasions or weddings, remember that your daily, ordinary bags should be useful and you should be able to carry them around without frustration or anxiety.

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