My Sunbeam Died Today

Recently the Dyson died…..

Bobbie's Dyson


This morning, the Sunbeam hit the dust!

Sunbeam…..that would be my handheld iron.  I was in a hurry to iron my husband’s shirt and right when I came to the last section of his shirt, it decided to spit a HUGE puddle of water that went straight through his shirt.  I soaked up the water and used the iron to dry the ironing board and then finish up his shirt.  Once I got the “puddle” taken care of, sparks blew out the end of the cord right near the handheld section of the iron.  The iron then shut off, so I found myself holding the cord “just right” until I could finish up the shirt.  You know what this means…..a trip to Wal-Mart today.  Anyone buy a new iron lately?  I iron my husband’s clothes every day, so this is a shopping trip that can’t wait.

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