Shop Online With A Buddy


I have many friends abroad and one day would love to take a vacation to visit the United Kingdom.  They have sent me pictures from their area and I can’t wait to check it out for myself!  Elisa just had a baby and is so thrilled to be able to  have both of her children together.  It is great chatting with her through instant messenger about her pregnancy experiences and about the night she went into labor.  Did you know that she called the hospital in the middle of the night to find that it was full!  Luckily there was another one fairly close to her.  Can you imagine going into labor, and calling ahead to the hospital to hear that there were no beds available for you?  I think Elisa handled this very well, I might have let loose on the hospital operator if I would have been told that….LOL

Now that she has her baby at home with her, it is time for Elisa to start shopping for some new clothes for the summer.  We shopped online together at and found her some cute outfits.  Have you ever shopped online with someone?  Just open your instant messenger and start sharing items with them.  It is so quick and easy for them to say, “Yes, that could work”  or “Definitely NOT!”

It is so much fun having friends from abroad.  They are great for venting when you need someone to talk to or for giving advice when you need it.  Since we are on different time zones, they can be found online when I can’t sleep or early in the morning before anyone else wakes at my house.  Do you have friends who live far away?  Have you ever met them in person, or only online?  

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