Time For Spring Cleaning

Have you started your Spring Cleaning yet?  It is such a great feeling to have everything clean and organized again.  Do you call any outside workers to help you with your cleaning?  I have hardwood and tile downstairs, but I have carpets upstairs.  I have a  carpet cleaner that I use every few months, but for my Spring Cleaning, I like to call in a professional carpet cleaning service.  My carpet cleaning machine does a good job, but you can definitely tell the difference when the high powered machine comes in.  They do a great job and are much faster than I am with my personal carpet cleaner.  For my friends in New York, I came across an area rug cleaning service that offers free estimates and a 15% off coupon for their green rug cleaning services.  If you don’t live in NY, no worries, just check out your local area rug cleaning services for free estimates and deals.


Here’s my living room area rug and Dakota when we first got her.  She is over 2 years old now, but still a hand full!  Do you have pets, do you know how much hair they have buried down in your carpet?  Each time I steam clean my carpets, I pull up tons of dog hair – yuck!  How often do you clean your carpets?  Is carpet cleaning on your Spring Cleaning To Do List?

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