Wild Penguin Treats – Protein Ice Cream Review


Notice the penguin on the upper left hand corner of my package, this box contained 8 boxes of Wild Penguin low fat ice cream protein treats!  WooHoo, nothing better than finding a cooler full of ice cream bars on your porch!  Check out the packing on these.  The box contained a huge insulated cooler with two huge blocks of dry ice.  I had been at work all day and these bars were on my porch when I got home at 3 pm and they were still rock solid!  Unbelievable, I have received many products in the mail, but never ice cream.


I received 4 boxes of chocolate fudge flavored low fat chocolate flavored ice cream and 4 boxes of vanilla fudge low fat vanilla flavored ice cream.


My 6 yr old son was home from school and helped me tear into this package.  We checked out the flavor choices…..


and vanilla fudge won!

Each box contains 3 bars, which are 6 fl oz each.  This is one BIG ice cream bar with great nutritional values!  I count weight watchers points and I can eat one of these bars for only 2 points!  Now this is my kind of ice cream!  Summer is quickly approaching and it is definitely the time to be watching your weight, remember, it will be time to wear that swim suit again.   Once I have my weight back under control, I still want to be able to eat ice cream treat with the kids without the guilt.  These Wild Penguin protein treats are the perfect solution for my sweet tooth!  Yes, you heard that right, protein treats.  I make it a point to eat protein bars for breakfast and love it that I have found protein ice cream.   Protein and fiber help curve your appetitite, which for me, means that it helps me control the amount of times I run back and forth to the food pantry during the day.  These Penguin Treats also carry about half the calories, fat and sugar than my protein bars, which is also a huge plus!  The calories from my protein bars average about 200 or more.  Have you checked the calories on your favorite treats lately?

You would have to eat 3 regular ice cream bars in order to get the same amount of protein as you will from one Wild Penguin bar.    These bars only have 120 calories, 3 grams of fat and contain 6 grams of fiber which is also a huge plus for my Weight Watchers plan.  It didn’t take me long before I had eaten one bar of each flavor.  I have to say that I like them both, BUT the vanilla fudge is by far my favorite!  I like chocolate but I would rather eat white chocolate if I have my choice.  Again, these are HUGE bars and everyone in the family is eating them with me.  Now that I’ve found these treasures, I had to find the nearest location for me to purchase them:  WildPenguinTreats.com/locations/  For right now, these treats are available in IL, KY, MI, NE, H, TX and WI.  So, it looks like I am in luck, there is a store for me in Houston.  Guess what hubby’s going to be doing on his way home from work once my Wild Penguin treats are gone:)

Do you have a child that needs more protein, these would be PERFECT for them!  My neighbor makes tons of eggs for her child because she doesn’t like meat, I’m sure her daughter would love to replace a few of those eggs with a few of  these Wild Penguin Treats.

This review was brought to you by AdvertiseWithBloggers.com and WildPenguintreats.com.  I was given ice cream bars in order to facilitate my review, all opinions are 100% my own.


82 thoughts on “Wild Penguin Treats – Protein Ice Cream Review”

  1. Taste and price because I’m don’t want to pay an arm and a leg and I want it to taste good!

  2. In order:
    1) taste
    2) calories/ nutrition and non scary weird ingredients.
    3). Price – i will pay more for ingredients i can pronounce vs eating a free ice cream of fake weird stuff

  3. I’m excited to find out about these, I’ve never heard of them before. I can’t wait to try one….or two….or…LOL

  4. taste is most important
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  5. that it remain tasty while being healthy for me at a reasonable price thank you for the giveaway

  6. Taste and price are most important to me. Can’t be too cheap to where they taste bad, but can’t be expensive also.

  7. Taste is most important. If it doesn’t taste good, I won’t eat it so things like calories and protein become irrelevant.

  8. Taste is very important. So is price. I have 11 grandkids and they all love ice cream. For me personally, it has to be healthy, and low calorie.

  9. usually just get what i know tastes good thats why i would love to try this to see if its something worth buying

  10. Definately taste and calories. If it taste good and doesn’t have a ton of calories, that’s important.

  11. Taste is most important, with price & nutrition following close behind. Face it, if it’s “good for you” and affordable, but doesn’t taste good, it’s not going to get eaten.

  12. Taste is most important so they will be eaten quickly without being freezer burnt. Calories is secondary because I am on a diet…..always.

  13. taste–and price—lately looking for protein recovering from brain surgery and going through radiation

  14. Taste is the most important because the main idea of a treat is something sweet. The fact that these bars have fiber and protein is an extra bonus!

  15. most important to me is taste because if I am going to eat something it better taste good 🙂

  16. Leslie .L. Stanziani

    Taste and price are equally important to me.I love when I can get healthier options on sale.

  17. Taste is important because if it doesn’t taste good everything else doesn’t matter.

  18. Taste is the most important, otherwise no one would eat it. I love full fat ice-creams with a very creamy taste.
    Price comes next.

  19. Taste is most important followed by price. If I take my 18 year old son, protein becomes most important. Neither one of us count calories.

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