Working Out At the Gym, Get There Early

There are two times of the year that I have noticed participation spike at my local gym:  right after New Year’s and right before Summer.  So many new people decide to work out in hopes of losing weight and getting fit, but most of these newcomers start to drop back off within the first month.  I love to go to BodyPump class and right now, I have to make sure and get there early or I may not be able to participate in the class.  There are so many new people pushing their way in the doors and grabbing up the Body Bump equipment that I have to be ready to grab a spot and get my equipment in record breaking time!

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Whether you plan on attending a group workout class like Body Pump or Step Aerobics, you need to plan to be there early.  Even the workout machines  fill up quickly.  For my gym, the best time of day to go to use the machines is about 1 pm.  That is the time that child care shuts down for a few hours.  This keeps the moms with young children from working out until 4 pm when child care opens back up for the school aged kids.  The other gym offers all day child care, but unfortunately, my favorite gym only offers child care to moms for certain hours of the day.  Remember, in order to lose weight and get fit, you have to be persistent.  One week at the gym isn’t enough time to justify whether or not you’d like to continue your workouts.

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