Yardwork: Decisions, Decisions

boys in yardEveryone wants the front of their homes to look good. Depending on where you live and how much time you have to devote to the care of the outside of your home will be a deciding factor. Can you afford a landscaper to come periodically to maintain the shrubs? Will you need an arborist to check your trees for rot and infestation? Or will you be trying to do all this on your own? More then likely you will be doing a bit of both!


This tree was too big and too close to our house, so he had to go this year:(

Depending where in the country you live, the climate and the soil type should help determine which trees, shrubs and flowers will be best suited for your property.  One or two flowering trees or cactus in the front well separated from each other and far enough away from the actual house will usually suffice.  You don’t want the trees falling on your house. You also do not want the roots to somehow grow into your house or driveway. If you have a walkway, try a border on either side of flowers. If you have a front porch then buy hanging pots and fill them with colorful flowers and vine types. Another option is to build a wooden archway around your doorway and train roses to grow.


 For the backyard try for a fruit tree or two, it will take years for the trees to yield fruit but the blossoms smell oh so sweet! You can build a mini vegetable garden by using boards to form a rectangle. Plant the veggies in there and some spices as well. Create a compost heap—makes great mulch.  You could also create a rock garden either in the front of your home or in the backyard.

Always remember to go with the environment where you live. You definitely do not want to waste water trying to keep a lawn green. If you really want exotic flowers-well build yourself a little hot house. If you are not sure then go to a nursery and ask. The people who work there will know your area and be more then happy to answer any questions you may have.

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