At Skate Park Without A Board

skate 1

Today it rained and the kids wanted to hit the park after the rain had stopped, so we took a trip to the skate park hoping to check it out while no one was there.  There was one step on the side, so the kids grabbed the ball and jumped in.

skate 3

Here’s a picture of the biggest skate park slope.  There were no steps on this one and I didn’t want the kids to get in and not be able to get out, so we just looked at this one from above.

skate 3.5

Here they are making their run for the side.  They would take off running as fast as they could and then run up the side slope in order to get out.  They could have used the step on the other side, but of course, that wouldn’t have been “cool.”

skate 4

Here was the beginner’s ramp.  I suggested we come back one day and give this one a try with our bikes.  I think they’d rather test out the slopes, but on a clear day, these slopes are jam packed with older kids and their boards and bikes.  Do you have a skate park like this in your town?


8 thoughts on “At Skate Park Without A Board”

  1. That is a really cool bowl !! We have a cool skatepark but it is ramps that I think are super dangerous! I like yours better. Fun to take balls in there for sure…would be fun for remote control cars too 🙂

  2. Wow that is a really nice skate park. We have a couple where I live but they are nothing compared to that one, It looks like you had a nice day despite the weather.

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