Thought About Attending Cosmetology School?

truck chairIsn’t this the cutest kid salon chair ever?  My oldest son would never have fought about getting his hair cut if he could have sat here.

When my mother was young, she went to cosmetology school in Michigan where she was raised.  She worked as a hairdresser until getting married and then went on to own her own beauty shop in Kentucky when I was in middle school.  It was right downtown, and close enough to my school that I could walk there when school was out.  It was located right next to a barber shop and it was called “Shear Magic.”  Growing up, I never gave any mind to becoming a hairdresser and I went on get a bachelor’s degree in elementary education.  Just a few days ago I was chatting online with someone that told me she was thinking about attending one of the cosmetology schools in Wichita Kansas.  She had all sorts of questions for me, but since my mom was the one who attended cosmetology school so many years ago, I really didn’t have the answers she was looking for.

Before I knew it, our conversation had turned into how she was going to go about covering a cold sore on her chin.  In order to help her out with that question, I went online for help and sent her over an ehow post in just a few minutes.  Just think, what did we ever do without the internet available to us.  I use the internet to find out everything, from the weather forecast to looking up answers with my son for his homework assignments.  Having my the internet on my phone has spoiled me even worse.  No matter where I am, I can look up whatever we need to find in just a few minutes.  The other day we were in an art museum where we had to find various paintings for my son’s art assignment.  Before I knew it, I was looking up the artwork on my phone using the title and artist.  Knowing what the picture looked like that we were hunting for was much easier than searching every painting title.  Do you have any creative ways of using the internet that you’d like to share?  How about cosmetology school, have you ever thought about attending or walking into one to schedule a haircut?  I’ve heard their rates are well priced, just make sure you are going for a simple cut or trim since you will be getting a haircut from a cosmetology student in training.

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