Do You Think This Is A Bait Car?

There are so many new television shows out there, so many weird ones that just seem to catch my attention.  My family and I like to watch TruTV and we have watched several episodes of Bait Car.  This is where the police set up a car as bait to see if they can get someone to try to steal it.  Usually the keys are left on the hood or in the ignition with the car running.  Most of the car thieves shown on the show are aware of bait cars, but they think they can beat the system and take the car anyway.  Once the car is in motion, the police control it and can lock the thieves inside and can even shut down the car while they are driving.

You never think this will happen in your town, but the other day my son saw this in the parking lot outside of Subway.

bait car

I did look at the key and I believe it was found in the parking lot and left there in case the owner came back to look for it, BUT….I told my son not to touch it and caught myself looking through the parking lot to see if I saw anyone watching….LOL

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