Charging My Keyboard In The Sun Again


If you are looking to buy a new keyboard,  I would definitely steer clear of a solar wireless keyboard.  Today marks the fourth time that it has just run out of “juice” on me in the middle of my work.  There’s nothing more irritating than being deep in your work on the computer and noticing that none of your letters are hitting the page because your solar keyboard has run out of power!  For the first few months, this keyboard was great, but now I have to take it outside and sit it in the sun to charge it and that is a BIG pain!  So now, as I write, I am back on my laptop and have lost the use of my wireless keyboard until it has gotten enough sun for me to start using it again.

What on earth am I supposed to do when it is raining and I can’t charge my keyboard?  I have my keyboard sitting under a bright fluorescent light, but that just isn’t good enough to keep the charge in tact.  My husband was so thoughtful to buy me this great keyboard, but I don’t think he ever thought we’d have to sit it outside on a regular basis to charge when he purchased it for me.  What are your thoughts?  What type of keyboard do you use?  Do you have any solar powered products at your house?  Are you pleased with their efficiency?


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