Do You Miss Twinkies?

My kids make fun of me because I always talk about needing Twinkies and I can’t even buy them anymore!  When I had my surgery, I told the doctor that I knew that I had just eaten too many Twinkies and he said not to worry because they wouldn’t be around much longer…ugh.  So, my 6 year old and I were at the grocery and he pointed out Cloud Cakes by Little Debbie.  He thought my Twinkies were back on the shelves and he wanted to make sure that I picked up a box.

cloud cakes

Since he pointed them out, we picked up a box and even opened them up right in the parking lot while we were putting the groceries in the car.  Well……there isn’t as much creme filling, but if you think “Twinkie” while you are eating them, than Twinkie it is.  They even smell like Twinkies, so Cloud Cakes are now going on my grocery list to replace my Twinkie habits…LOL  Have you tried Cloud Cakes?  It’s definitely worth trying if you were a Twinkie Diehard like me!

Thank you Little Debbie!

3 thoughts on “Do You Miss Twinkies?”

  1. I was not a Twinkies die hard fan–but I did enjoy them once in a while!! Thus, when I get that particular craving–“Lol Debbies here I come!! Cloud Cakes you say———–really have to try these out!!!

    1. I was also told that Twinkies can be found in Canada, so if you have a friend there….. make sure to tell her when your birthday is near:)

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