Doesn’t Help To Get In A Hurry


My six year’s old classroom teacher allows parents to bring in a birthday snack for those children who have summer birthdays.  I hadn’t set my birthday snack date and spoke to Bobby’s teacher the morning of Field Day.  I was going to ask her for a date and she asked if I had planned on bringing it that afternoon.  I hadn’t planned on it, but I could run to the grocery and get back to the school soon, so I asked her what she’d like me to pick up.  The classroom has new carpet so she didn’t want anything with icing, so she suggested cookies.  I asked my son which kind he’d like me to pick up and he said that he’d like me to pick up sugar cookies.

I left the school and headed straight to the grocery to pick up the sugar cookies and some cool napkins.  I grabbed the cookies from the front table, as seen in the picture above and then grabbed the napkins.  I was making such good time and got back to my car and right to the school.  Once I got to the school, I parked my car in the front drive and looked in my bag and saw that I had bought peanut butter cookies and not sugar cookies:(  You know the policy on bringing peanuts into the classroom…just too many allergies, so I had to run back to the store one more time before I could deliver these cookies to his class before their morning break.

I would’ve kept the peanut butter cookies but I knew that I would be the one to eat them, so I returned them for the sugar cookies that I should have bought in the first place.  The colors were very similar, so it was an easy mistake, but it wouldn’t have happened if I would have been paying more attention.  When is the last time that you made a stupid mistake that could have been avoided if you would have just paid closer attention to what you were doing?


2 thoughts on “Doesn’t Help To Get In A Hurry”

  1. Oh, man. I wish I had a quarter for every time I made a mistake like that.

    Most recently, I added a locking cabinet to my teaching space. Inside the cabinet, I keep the keys to the air conditioner, which I have to turn off before I leave. If I’m in too much of a hurry to leave, I lock the air conditioners keys in the cabinet, which I have to then renter the combo to open. Minor delay, but a major and silly bummer when trying to rush home late after teaching karate 😛

    1. Thanks for the comment, these little mistakes do take up time, and no matter how careful I am, I’m sure I’ll keep on making them.

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