Epic Hits Theaters May 22, 2013

Finding The Right Movie For Children

As a parent, it’s always difficult to keep an eye on what your children come to watch.  At the cinema, however, you have more direct control over what the family watches.  If the Epic Movie trailer is anything to go by, there is still something for children of all ages to watch, providing wholesome family entertainment.

Introducing Epic

So, what is Epic?  To summarize, Epic is about a girl, Mary Katherine (portrayed by Amanda Seyfried) who gets transported into a secret battle in a forest between good and evil.  A nice blend of adventure, fantasy and drama, Epic seems to offer large amounts of everything for everyone.

This movie sounds like the perfect recipe for family fun.  It’s got conflict, without the violence found in mature films that are less suitable for children, yet it’s also engaging and exciting nonetheless, and not without its share of funny moments.  This should come as no surprise, as it comes from the makers of Ice Age, another perfect example of a film enjoyed by children and adults of all ages.  If you’re taking the children to the cinema, you want a film you can appreciate as well.


Another instantly recognizable aspect of Epic is that it’s simply beautiful.  The high-quality CGI and camera work all speak volumes about a film that’s very slickly put together, and certainly made with smaller children in mind; this is something that will definitely keep people glued to their seats.  Say what you like about modern cinema; CGI is simply eye-catching, and the detail that has gone into the designs and creation of these worlds is part of the charm of such movies; it often goes well with the over-active imagination of any young child.

This further makes Epic a perfect film for a family outing, as you can be confident that the movie will keep everyone quiet, with all eyes and attention on the big screen. If you’re looking for the right summer film to take your family to see, Epic should definitely be high up on your list.

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