Guest Post: Create The Perfect Bedroom For Children

I have been thinking of redecorating my son’s room and this guest post caught my attention, so I thought I’d pull it out of my email and share it with you:


 This is my 6 year old’s room.  The top bunk is for playtime, bottom bunk for bedtime.

We all remember our bedroom from when we were children – where we hid our diary, the style of the duvet we snuggled under at night and the posters of the bands and football teams we were infatuated with that hung on the wall.  What we may not remember is how our parents considered every angle when it came to designing the room, maximizing the space and creating a safe haven for us to relax in after school or hang out with our favorite toys.

A kid’s bedroom needs to be both practical and fun; Isme has some fantastic ideas of how to achieve both of these aims with their Kidspace furniture range.  Bunk beds are an asset to any room that sleeps more than one child and similarly, a cabin bed with a desk underneath is a fantastic option for a room with limited space.

travis room

 My older son loves his wall mural.  I used the extra sticker to cut out his name.

The kidspace range offers a variety of brightly colored furniture that is designed to host both practical items like clothes and the fun stuff like toys.  Other options you may want to consider when designing your child’s bedroom include a wall mural.  These popular works of art can be chosen from a range or even designed yourself. They have the power to transform a plain uninspiring room into, quite literally, a work of art.  For the Star Wars fanatic you can create the Death Star, and for fans of Scooby Doo you can have an entire wall dedicated to Shaggy, Scooby and the gang.

Finishing touches include novelty light fittings, character light switches, and funky book shelves.  Finish off a child’s floor with a themed rug, for the younger children this could be a road map to drives their cars on or a green field to make Lego towers upon.

The real key to designing your child’s bedroom is playing to the personality of the child and building a room around that.  Using practical furniture and a theme that will delight you will create a space that is just for them.

What favorite themes did you use in your child’s room?  How many years were you able to leave the theme up before needing to update it for your child’s age?

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