Gummy Bears And Water Do Not Mix

Yesterday my son must have dropped one of his gummy bears on the driveway.  He probably knew he dropped it and just conveniently left it there hoping the dog would eat it:)  Last night it rained and the gummy bear laid directly under the gutter spout.


Look what happened to the green gummy bear! He grew and grew and grew!!


My 12 year old son picked him up and he was so full and gooey.  He thought it was so cool and ran it down to the bus stop with him this morning to show his friends.  Have you ever found a gummy bear that had been through a big rain?  It was pretty cool, so you may want to try this sometime and see how big your gummy bear grows.

3 thoughts on “Gummy Bears And Water Do Not Mix”

  1. Wonder if that is what happens when it is in the stomach? The same happens to dry dog and cat food!! It expands to about twice to three times its size!!

  2. In sixth grade I had a lab that you would fill a cup up with water and set a gummy bear in the cup over night and the next day write about the results. Ours was big, but not nearly as big as yours. That’s so cool!

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