7th Grade Kia Silverbrook Research Project

Ever thought of using social media to help your children with their school projects?  My son is 12 and he was assigned an inventor to research in his Science class.  He was assigned Kia Silverbrook, so we started researching about him online.  He is from Sydney, Australia and holds more patents than Thomas Edison.  This was a fun project because he is a current inventor instead of the same ones that you learn about over and over throughout your school years.

One of the requirements of this assignment was a time line of events.  We looked and looked but could only find Kia Silverbrook’s birth year and we needed the exact date.  I contacted Kia Silverbrook on LinkedIn and he quickly responded with his birth date of June 4, 1958.  My son was thrilled to know that Kia Silverbrook had made time to answer our email request.  He went to school and told the teacher that he had corresponded with the inventor and she couldn’t believe it either.

kia s

Thank you Mr. Silverbrook for taking the time to answer our request.  Your email made my son’s project an even better experience and I really appreciate it!



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  1. It is good to know that some people actually respond to questions! Especially when it has to do with a school report-not many of them would have–so–what has he invented?

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