Mother’s Day 2012 Memories

Mother’s Day 2012, I just just had a major knee operation, had a broken leg and had to get around on a walker.  For the first 6 weeks after my surgery, I spent my day in the recliner or on the couch watching television.  We purchased Net Flix and watched tons of movie series.  On of our favorite series was Merlin, which should be coming out with a new series any time.  This morning as I thought about today’s Mother’s Day meal, I remembered last year’s meal with a smile.

My idea of the perfect Mother’s Day is staying home away from the crowded restaurants and grilling out in the backyard.  Sometimes we make homemade ice cream and sometimes we all enjoy the outdoors and catch a few rays.  Last year, my husband and the boys went to the grocery and bought corn on the cob, chicken and a few other goodies for the grill.  I laid on the couch and they worked on the meal, then we waited and waited and the grill never would get hot enough.  We waited for a long time and realized that something was wrong with the grill and it wasn’t going to heat up enough to cook the Mother’s Day Meal.  My husband and the kids were let down, but I was happy because I knew they had tried to make the perfect meal for me.  We all loaded up in the car and went through McDonald’s drive thru and ate our Mother’s Day meal on the way back home.


Memories…….What are your favorite Mother’s Day Memories?

Wishing everyone wonderful 2013 Mother’s Day Memories,

Bobbie Anne

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