My Mother’s Day Cards And Poem

This year for Mother’s Day, my husband and the kids took me to the store the night before Mother’s Day so that I could pick out some new exercise clothes since I have been working so hard at the gym.  I tried on many tops and finally found the brand that fit right and I was set.  I always  choose to stay home for Mother’s Day so we can beat the crowd, so we hung out on our back porch and had pizza delivered for lunch.

bd card

 This was from Bobby (6 yr old).  It had Ralphie,  a 3D dog on it, that he knows from school.

tm card

The boys each made me wonderful Mother’s Day cards and Travis, (12 year old) even wrote a poem.

I love you lots and lots

Even if we can’t find the cots.

I love you all the time,

Even if it costs a dime.

You make me laugh with your funny faces at night,

Even though it may look a fright.

You always make me eat my bars,

Even if it goes too far.

I made this card for you,

I hope you like it, I really do.

He is so proud of his poem and keeps checking to see if I have shared it on the mom blog yet, so today I thought I’d tell you about it.  He talks about cots because sometimes on weekends the boys put out the cots and sleep in the living room.  When he talks about money, that is a compliment because he is very cheap and tries not to spend money if he doesn’t have to.  The bars….well he needs to put on a few pounds, so I send him Cliff Bars to eat as a snack at school.  Wouldn’t that be a great problem to have?

How did you spend your Mother’s Day?

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  1. Awe, those cards are adorable; especially the thought that went into your older son’s poem. What a blessed mommy you are 🙂

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