Opossum In The Pool

Opossum’s LOVE our house! Did you catch my post about the opossum that died in our kitchen wall?


The opossum’s like to eat dog food, so we bring Dakota’s dog food in at night, but sometimes they beat me to the back door to eat it before I can bring it in.  This weekend the dog was having a fit to get outside.  I let her out and then went out to check on her.  She had chased the opossum into the pool and he was sitting on the top step.

possumpool2Good think Dakota doesn’t like to swim, or there would have been a fight.  I should’ve used my flash for this picture, but I was a little nervous so two dark pictures were the only ones I could get before he jumped out of the pool and made a run for it.  I’m sure this won’t be the last time we see him.  I wonder what flavor dog food he prefers.  Have you had any opossum’s in your yard?


8 thoughts on “Opossum In The Pool”

  1. hahahahaha! those cute lil marsupials must love ya’ll…..a possum graveyard and now the neighborhood watering hole! wonder what’s next?

  2. I made the picture bigger and I went to show Steven what we had in the pool and he believes me…he run outside to check and I could not stop laughing. …
    I trick him.

    1. Dakota is lucky that the opossum jumped in the pool and didn’t come after her! She has also chased 2 raccoons in the pool too.

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