Opossum Prank

My neighbor saw my Opossum In The pool post and had an idea for a great prank for her husband.  She enlarged the opossum picture on her cell phone and went running to her husband to show him what she had found in her pool.  Of course, he went outside to the pool to track down the critter in the water.  Well, no matter how hard her searched, there was no opossum to be found.  She got a kick out of this and told  me about it.  I saw her husband the other day and told him that I had heard about the opossum he had in his pool and he laughed.


If you have a pool, try it one night at your house.  Anyone would go outside to try to see this.  My whole family was running to the door when I was telling them about the critter on in our pool.  We have also had raccoons in our pool before but they were too quick for me to get any pictures.  They were swimming like Olympic swimmers to the other side of the pool where they hopped out and across the yard to escape our dog Dakota.

dakota blanketHere’s Dakota in action with her favorite stuffed fish, maybe she would rather have a stuffed opossum, what do you think?


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