Do You Get Reminder Notes?

Who leaves the reminder notes at  your house?  Look what I found posted on my backdoor in the kitchen when I woke this morning.



This note was left from my 12 yr old.  He said he got up last night and wrote this note for me.  He said he thought about sticking it to my computer, but figured the back door would be the best place.  I have to admit, I saw it as soon as I entered the kitchen this morning.  So, I woke him up and we worked on science homework this morning. Before long, school will be out for the summer and no more early morning homework sessions for us for awhile:)

3 thoughts on “Do You Get Reminder Notes?”

  1. LOL, yep, I absolutely do this! (Except I’m the parent, not the child…) I usually leave reminders for myself. Also, sometimes I write on my hand in case I forget to look at the Post-It…

    Disorganization city over here… :p

  2. I am glad he was wise enough to leave you a note! We use notes a lot here! My 13 year old tends to leave them on the bathroom mirror as she knows they can’t be missed but also because she knows Daddy is up for the Army very very early and must shave before heading out so he really can’t miss her notes! My husband leaves me love notes on my laptop as he knows soon as I wake up if there is not a child jumping on me that I will roll over and open my laptop and check on my internet world before even thinking about further moving. LOL

  3. No one here to leave me sticky notes anymore! I did have a live in boyfriend at one point who would leave notes on the inside of the front door–buy beer–I already walked the dog–took the car (oh I hated that one-it meant I was essentially stuck in the apartment all day unless I felt like walking UP the hill–or was walking the dog cause he didn’t care that he had already been walked!!)

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