So, You Want to Win?


winThere are so many places to go to win either money or prizes online. There are also many different ways to enter. It can get really confusing. First before you give up—you have a couple of decisions to make. Do you prefer to win money or items? Do you have time to spend entering all day long? Most of us would say money—and very few of us have all day to just be entering contests—-but that $200.00 coffee machine you have been dying to get but can not afford—-or you really need something from a particular store and could use a gift certificate-how about a date night at a restaurant.  If you need the item (or desperately want it) then if you win-hey-that is money saved! There are also places where you can click and get points-those points can be turned into gift cards or sometimes even money as well!!

Here are some of the places you can go to win:

If you like fast and easy then sweepstakes are probably for you—usually there are only one or two questions to fill out—Online Sweepstakes is a great place to start. This type can also be found all over facebook-they are generally held by the company themselves and are being hosted by the person posting.

If you think points are the way to go  MyPoints is great!  There are so many others out there (and don’t forget to use the reward points with your credit cards and store cards)

Online Surveys—there are so many of them. Try them out and see which ones suit you the best-just remember you should never have to pay to join these!! is one that is legit so is Pinecone and many others.

If you are a blogger then you already know that bloggers are constantly doing giveaways and the prizes can get very large! What you may not know is that anyone can enter and win  (just make sure you read to find out if it is US only). Generally the bloggers advertise their giveaways on Facebook and Twitter. There are some very large giveaway linkups where other bloggers go to get additional advertising.

It will take a while for you to figure out exactly what works for you—but I guarantee you will figure it out—just take it slow—try a few of each type—it will come to you. And as the New York Lottery says “You Have to be IN IT to win it”

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