Sponsored Video: Motherhood Is Different For Everyone

If you’ve ever wondered what other women really think about being a mother, if you’ve ever wondered if anyone else finds being motherhood lackluster or if you’ve ever feared that you’re alone in how you view being a parent, this video is for you. Told from the perspective of several different mothers, this video takes you through what it means to be a mother.
Some women know from the time they’re children that they want to be mothers. Some women plan and dream about how many children they’ll have, whether they’ll have boys or girls, and what they’ll name their children. Other women, though, have pregnancy thrust upon them. Some women didn’t plan to become parents. This post is sponsored by Oxygen, have  you had a chance to watch any of their shows lately?
I enjoyed this video because it explores motherhood in all its forms. Women who adopted, women who had unplanned pregnancies, or women who knew and dreamed of being a mom will all be able to relate and listen to this video. If nothing else, they’ll get to realize that they are not alone in being a mom. They are not alone in their feelings, their emotions, and their experiences.
Motherhood is not as simple as a man and a woman getting married, deciding to have a child, and immediately conceiving. It would be nice if life worked that way for everyone, but it doesn’t. The start of motherhood is an intense and incredible journey, but it’s different for everyone. This video manages to capture in just 8 minutes what it truly means to love a child and what it truly means to be a mother.
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