SteriShoe® Shoe Sanitizer Review / Giveaway ENDED

This is brought to you by and I was given a SteriShoe® Shoe Sterilizer to use in facilitating my review. All opinions are 100% mine.


Does anyone in your household have smelly shoes, athlete’s foot, diabetes or toe nail fungus?  If so, the SteriShoe® shoe sanitizer may be just what you need to fight back.  I have been reviewing the SteriShoe® shoe sanitizer for the last two weeks and have sterilized SO many pairs of shoes since I received this product.  My husband is prone to athlete’s foot in the summer, and my teenage son has some of the smelliest basketball shoes you have ever  been near.  His shoes stink so bad that I don’t like him to take them off in the car because it almost makes you want to gag.  He wears these shoes to basketball practice several hours a week and often has sweat soaked socks by the time he takes them off.  I have talked to him about using foot powder in his shoes to control the odor and he says that his shoes don’t stink, they just show off his hard work.

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Yes, I am VERY proud of him, but his shoe odor has to be stopped.  In fact the shoe odor is costing me money, once his shoes stink past the point of no return, it is time to purchase another pair.  When asked to review SteriShoe® shoe sanitizers, I couldn’t wait to test this product out on his shoes since they would be the perfect pair of shoes to use for a review .  If the SteriShoe® shoe sanitizer could neutralize the horrible odor inside my son’s stinky shoes, then it is definitely a top quality product.

Once the SteriShoe® UV shoe sanitizer arrived in the mail, I read the simple directions and tested one pair of my son’s basketball shoes first.  All I had to do was place each SteriShoe® ultraviolet shoe sanitizer in each of my son’s shoes, place the shoes in the SteriShoe® shoe sanitizer bag, close the bag with the drawstring, plug the adapter in the wall, push the button on each of the SteriShoe® shoe sanitizers and let the sterilizing begin.  Once the buttons are pushed for each shoe and the light turns on and glows purple, the shoes will sterilize for approximately 45 minutes and then will automatically turn off when the process is complete.  Your shoes are ready to be worn as soon as the sterilization process has finished.  Do you watch Dr. Oz?  Find out what he has to say about this product.

Once the germicidal ultraviolet lights had turned off and the shoes were done, I smelled them and the smell was gone.  Instead of the smell knocking you down when you got near, the smell had been neutralized.  Just to make sure I wasn’t imagining things, I smelled his other pair of basketball shoes and I had not imagined anything, there had definitely been a nasty odor before I used the SteriShoe® shoe sanitizers on them!  I returned to the SteriShoe® shoe sanitizer website and  found out that this product  has been clinically proven to kill up to 99% or problematic microorganisms.  I have never really thought about microorganisms living in side our shoes, but after all, there is a lot of sweat that drys on your shoes on a daily basis.  I do make it a point to clean the outsides of my shoes, why not clean out the insides too?  Just think of it like brushing your teeth on a daily basis, you take care of your teeth, why not take care of your feet?  This product is great for Diabetics in order for them to maintain healthy feet.    As you know, it is possible for diabetics to get foot ulcers without even knowing it since they can often lose the sensation in their feet and be unaware of a bad blister or sore that needs treatment.  Research shows an average of 86,000 diabetic related amputations occur each year.

As for athletes foot, my husband had a very horrible case of it a few years ago.  He went back and forth to the dermatologist for it all summer.  He would get it cleared up, he would wear his shoes and sweat and it would come back.  We had a trip to Disney planned and were worried that we wouldn’t be able to get it under control so he could wear his sneakers inside the parks.  Can you imagine walking all that distance through the Disney parks for a few days in flip flops?  If I would have known about the SteriShoe® shoe sanitizers, I would have definitely purchased this product in order to maintain his feet instead of going through the reoccurring issues all summer long.  The SteriShoe® shoe sanitizer costs $129.95, think of how much money we spent on new shoes,  new meds and multiple trips to the dermatologist throughout the summer.

A huge plus for this product is the range of shoe sizes that each shoe sanitizer will fit.  I ordered a medium in order to facilitate my review and it fits a men’s 6-10 and a women’s 8-12 which works out great because it will fit my husbands shoes, my shoes and my 12 year old’s shoes.    Here is their size chart:


As long as the SteriShoe® shoe sanitizer is able to feel a compression once placed inside the shoes, the lights will glow solid and sterilization will take place when your shoe is exposed to the darkness provided by the shoe sanitizing bag.  Shoe straps are also provided for you to use when sterilizing flip flops or open back shoes. is giving away one SteriShoe® shoe sanitizer package to one lucky US Reader, ages 18+ and up.  Make sure to bookmark this giveaway and come back daily to retweet in order to gain extra entries.


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  4. I would wear with casual or dress shoes to keep them fresher and my feet more comfortable.too.

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  6. this would definitely be for my husband and sons…..they have a plethora of nasty stinky workboots lying around and my nose could use a break!

  7. this would go for my son who has the most horrible smelling feet i have ever smelled…boy o boy…they are terrible…he has to put his shoes upstairs in his room when taking them off… and stuff newspaper in them thanks for this chance….

    1. Oh my, they must be bad! I didn’t think about stuffing newspaper in the smelly shoes – thanks for the tip! Good luck Amy:)

  8. It would be for my husband who I love with all of my heart but when it comes to smelly shoes, not so much.

  9. This would be great for my diabetic husband. Thanks for sponsoring this contest!

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