“Sweet Deals” At The Grocery

Every time my 6 yr old shops with me at Kroger, we make sure to check out the sweet sales rack.  This is where they place all their overload of sweet treats including cakes, pies, cookies, bread, etc. from their bakery.  As long as you plan on eating these desserts in the next few days, these are great deals.  If you know you are having company and will be needing a desert or maybe for a school function or just a weekend of splurging, this rack is a great find!

flag cupcakes

 Check out the cupcake “cake” my son found yesterday.

flag brownies

My oldest loves cookie cakes, so I picked this up for him.

cake prices

Now for the best part.  The cookie cake was originally $12.99 and the cupcakes were $17.99.  Together, I only paid $6.00 and it brought excitement to my house for the night.  For this type of savings, we can easily toss out the left overs once we get to the expiration date and go back for more at a later date without feeling that we wasted any.  Make sure to check  your grocery for a bakery sales rack.  It always comes in handy for a quick treat without the high prices.


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  1. I try to RUN past the bakery sale spot when I go shopping–the deals are great but living by myself with only a cat who sticks her nose up at sweets–well—even though I would not buy quite as much as you did–it would be gone well before the expiration date!!!!!

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