“The Night Horses” Written By 12 Year Old Anaka Jones

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Meet Anaka Jones, the 12 year old author of  “The Night Horses.”  She was born and raised in Ann Arbor Michigan.  She lives with her parents and has two older brothers, a frog, a lizard and two dogs.

Anaka’s book, “The Night Horses,” will be displayed at Book EXPO 2013 at the Javits Center in NYC.  Book EXPO 2013 will start May 29th and will run through  June 1, 2013.  My 6 year old son and I read “The Night Horses” online together and he loved it.  He is a HUGE horse fan and loved the way the horses had so much fun together after the sun went down.  By day the horses were just like the ones at his horse back riding lessons, but by night, the horses did things that he thought only people would do.  They had so much fun with their friends at their night time party in the barn.  My son has two favorite horses that he looks forward to visiting each week at horse back riding lessons.  He had so much fun envisioning his horse friends, Hershey and Sweat Pea at their night time party.  Who knew horses could have so much fun once their keepers shut the bard down for the night?
If you have a young child that loves horses, this would be the perfect book for them.  You can read more about Anaka’s book on Amazon.  There are so many kids in my son’s class that love horses, this would have been the perfect book for the class book exchange.  The pictures are fun and the writing style is perfect for a young reader.  Anaka gave each character a great name that caught my son’s attention.  I am very impressed with Anaka.  My son is 12 and doesn’t have the patience to sit and work on a project like this.  He started to write a children’s book a while back, but once he realized it would take several rewrites and edits, he decided to move on to another project.  Anaka did a great job on this book.  I can’t wait to see what she will come up with next.
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