They Stole My Lunch!

fridge note

Well, I have to laugh here, I have bragged and bragged about how my food is always left right where I put it in the fridge when I am at work.  I noticed the letter above in the fridge last week and couldn’t believe that people were taking food that didn’t belong to them since I had never had any missing food issues, until NOW……..

fridge note 2

Today I am SO hungry, because today MY LUNCH IS MISSING from the freezer!  What?  It is sad that someone would go so far to take my Lean Pockets when they forgot their own lunch.  Have you ever had your lunch taken?  I guess I’ll have to start packing a cooler instead of relying on the kitchen fridge.  So sad, you pay rent for an office and feel that you are among honest people and then…BAM, they steal your lunch!  I wonder how many of my Dt. Mountain Dews they have smuggled?

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  1. That, unfortunately is a common occurrence in offices!! It has happened to me numerous times. It got so that I would just buy lunch every day-and it did get expensive. The really sad part is if someone had mentioned they were hungry and had nothing I always gladly shared whatever I had with them or lent them a couple of dollars to purchase something.

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