Walking To Prepare For Vacation

This summer my family and I plan on doing a lot of walking at theme parks and I am afraid that I may not be able to “hang” with everyone like I did before my knee surgery last year.  I workout on a weekly basis to work my knee and also see a personal trainer who sees to it that I continue to work on strengthening those leg muscles.  I have been talking to her about my fear of not being able to keep up with my family while on vacation and she has given me another activity to add to my weekly workout.  She is building up my endurance, so each week I have to find at least one day a week to go on a non stop walk for at least an hour.  It doesn’t matter how fast I go, it just matters that I keep walking for an  hour without stopping to rest.  The first time, I left the dog at home and found myself texting and talking on the phone for an hour.

Today I went again and took Dakota with me.  It seemed to make the walk go by faster, and I was still able to work on my email through my phone throughout my walk.  I love to send a picture to my personal trainer Ruth while I am on my walk to show here that I am on track for the day.  Here’s the pic I sent over to her this morning:

Dakota walk

We made it home after an hour on the trails and we were both hot and tired.  Dakota couldn’t wait to get inside to lay on the cool tile floor.

Dakota hotWhen is the last time you took your furry friend on a walk?  How about yourself, when is the last time you went on a walk?  Get out there this week, before it gets too hot and enjoy yourself!  Remember, music is great for exercising, but never play it so loud that you can’t pay attention to your surroundings.  Either play it without your earphones or only use one side of your earphones, it is always best to be able to hear something coming up behind you when you are walking alone.



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