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Disclosure:  This review / giveaway was brought to you by and  I was given bracelets to use in facilitating my review and all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

As a blogger, I have had the good fortune to be asked to review some pretty interesting products.   I’ve gotten to check out neat stuff from healthy popcorn and eco-friendly purses to personalized jewelry and customized collages.   However, it’s not often that I get a request to review an item that goes one step further by combining business savvy with a desire to help those in need.  You may be familiar with some large companies that already do this with much success, but for a smaller or start-up business to make a difference, sometimes it’s a little harder to get the word out. That’s why I was really excited when the folks at GIVE Jewelry contacted me from  to do a review AND a giveaway for them.

This amazing company, which was the winner of the 2010 VH1 “Do Something” award, sells handcrafted, unique bracelets, designed and created by Balinese artisans.  Each bracelet purchased from GIVE provides one week of healthy food (or 21 meals) for a child in need. Through a partnership with four orphanages in Indonesia, GIVE is able to directly meet the most basic needs of so many kids that might not otherwise have had a chance.  Even the artisans who craft these bracelets benefit, as it creates jobs that allow them to express their cultural talents.

GIVE Jewelry sells an assortment of bracelets, from beaded cuffs and charm bracelets to woven wraps and braided team bracelets. In order to facilitate my review, I had each of my boys choose a  team bracelet pack.  My sons are 6 and 12 and both have birthdays coming up.  I am always on the lookout for great party favors, and these bracelets are PERFECT!  My 6 year old has many classmates that are making their own bracelets and giving them to friends, so friendship bracelets will be a huge hit at his party.  The 12 year old plays basketball with a tournament team and plans on giving out the matching bracelets to his team mates.

give bracelets1

They came nicely packed and are very professionally made.  My 6 year old son couldn’t wait to get his bracelet on and has been wearing it to school each day.  Each pack contains 12 pieces, so if we have a no show at his party, I will be wearing one of these around my ankle this summer!  I love these types of bracelets and this color matches almost everything.  You can read more about this style bracelet HERE.  These bracelet bundles are referred to as fundraiser bracelet packs, but they will also make the best party favors!

give bracelets2

My older son didn’t want beads on his bracelet, so he chose these.  He really liked them, and can’t wait to share them with his tournament team.  My youngest prefers his brown bracelet with the beads but is hoping that big brother has one left over so he can have one of the “wild” ones too!  You can read more about this style bracelet HERE.

I would have loved to have had one of these bracelets for myself, but my kids love participating in my reviews.  When I first looked at this site, I knew these bracelets were right up their alley so I let them choose any bracelet pack from the site.  I found myself looking at the cuff bracelets.  I have never worn one of these, but a few of these really caught my eye.  Go HERE and see which cuff bracelet you prefer, I like the black ones.

Not only did this review give me the opportunity to try out some really great bracelets, but 3 weeks worth of food were also donated in my name!  Please check this site out, it is well worth your time.  I will definitely be back to this site.  It is great to know that you can purchase quality items and help a child in need at the very same time!


A Give sticker is sent out with every purchase, I am placing it right on my refrigerator door to remind my family of the importance of giving.  Doesn’t it feel good to give? would love for each and every one of you to check out their site and enter to win their giveaway.  You will find the giveaway form below, make sure to bookmark the giveaway and come back to tweet again each day for extra entries.   In the meantime, check out their site and decide how you’d spend the GiveBracelets $100 promo code if you were the lucky winner.

This giveaway is open to US residents that are at least 18 years of age.  Good luck everyone!!!

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  4. I would like the Bali Artisans to make my bracelet. I think the bracelets are so pretty, and what a great cause to buy these bracelets to help others get food!

  5. If I were to win, my three children would select the bracelets we would get. I am having a combo birthday party this Summer for them so the bracelets would serve as party favors.

  6. I would give them to my son.. Because he saw them while I was reading the review and said ohh cool!

  7. My granddaughters and I would make the bracelets. We would make the Friendship Bracelets- 1pc-Hot Pink
    Style #FBS10046 to give to her friends at school and the Friendship Bracelets- 1pc-Brown
    Style #FBS10020 to give to her friends at school. This is such an awesome cause and hope it will raise awareness to this cause.

  8. My daughters and I would make the selections, as we all have others that we’d like to share with.

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