5 Home Projects You May Not Want To Try Yourself

Everyone likes to save money by fixing household things themselves, but there are some projects that you should only leave to a professional.  It’s simply a matter of safety.  Take a look at these five home improvement projects you should never try yourself.

Installing New Electrical Systems

You’re probably OK to do simple wiring jobs if you know how to turn off the power and make the connections.  For instance, installing a new lighting fixture or putting in a dishwasher doesn’t require professional help.  However, upgrading electrical systems by changing two-prong outlets to three-prong outlets or adding new outlets should be done by a professional.  You might know how to do it, but there are factors that need to be assessed by a professional, such as the strength of your power box.

DIY Animal Removal


Here is my husband, and the problem was bigger than we thought!

You can probably handle a small mouse infestation, but anything else should be handled by a professional. You risk being bit if you try to get rid of raccoons or sprayed if you try to remove skunks. Plus, there are laws about the fair treatment of animals, so you need to find out the rules in your area. Most of the time, an animal control representative will bring humane traps to your home to take care of the problem.

Working on Home Plumbing Projects

There are lots of plumbing projects that you can probably handle yourself, such as installing new bathroom fixtures, but if you need to move pipes, you should probably look into hiring a professional. It will save you money in the long run because you will know the job was done right. If you’re having sewer problems you should definitely call in the help of a professional. Check out Seattle’s Jim Dandy Plumbing to see what types of services they offer and figure out what your plumbing needs are.

Making Major Structural Changes

Removing a wall in your house to create a more open floor plan is a great way to add value. However, you should hire a professional contractor to analyze the structure of your home and determine if you can safely make the changes you want to. There are extra steps you have to take if you want to remove a load-bearing wall. If you remove the wrong wall, your entire home may be put in jeopardy. You should also get professional help to make construction drawings when you want to add a room to your house.

Beyond this, if you are lucky enough to have a pool or have just had the green light to get one, any changes that this requires will also be classed as a major structural change. Whether you are changing the shape of your current pool, looking for a Vinyl pool liner replacement by Premier Pool Service or from another company local to you, or even building a new pool from scratch, the project is likely to be particularly complex. As such, when wanting to create or revamp your own private oasis, it is well worth getting in contact with a well-reviewed professional pool company like Lazy Day Pools to help you throughout the process.

Large Tree Removal


This tree was way TOO big for us to take on ourselves.  We scheduled it, went to a basketball tournament for my son and it was done when we got back home.

Tree removal is dangerous because the tree could fall on a person, your house, or any other structure. That’s why you should call in a professional for help. Using a search term like “stump removal near me” can connect you with local professionals in your area who are equipped to handle such risks. They will have the equipment to hold on to the larger tree branches so that everyone stays safe. You can do the trimming yourself, but you should still be careful when you’re up on that ladder with a chainsaw.

These are just a few of the home improvement projects you shouldn’t try yourself. If ever in doubt, you should hire a professional for your safety.


6 thoughts on “5 Home Projects You May Not Want To Try Yourself”

  1. Great reminder on when to call the professionals. It’s so easy to get over your head and make a problem worse.

  2. thanks for the reminder.
    another good reason to skip doing most of the projects you mentioned yourself – permits.
    if you do those jobs yourself and don’t have permits (and some permits require pros), you may have trouble selling your house.
    i noticed when i bought my house that the sellers had to sign a legal document stating that they didn’t do any jobs requiring a permit without one. if they lie about it, and something wasn’t done right, or it’s found out, they could be in big financial and legal trouble…and if it causes a problem (say an electrical fire), they could be in trouble with their insurance company too.
    permits can be a pain to get and cost some money, but it’s a small price to pay for a city inspector to come out to your house and tell you it’s done right so you don’t have to worry.

  3. I personally would not attempt any of these projects myself, but thanks to hubby, he is quite handy in most of these situations!

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