Almost Ran Out Of Gas

van gas name

What young boy wouldn’t want the opportunity to ride in a tow truck?  Well today we only had a few miles left before we ran out of gas and my 6 yr. old was thrilled and I was getting nervous.  I love my van, but it doesn’t alert you that you need gas until it is almost too late.  We had been running all morning back and forth to camps and I hadn’t checked my gas gauge.  When I noticed that we were low, the van said that we only had 14 miles left before we ran out of gas.  I told Bobby, 6 years old, to start looking for a gas station and he started getting so excited.  He thought that if we ran out of gas, that he would get to ride in a tow truck.

He kept counting down the miles as they changed on the truck gauge and was chanting:  Run out of gas!  Run out of gas!  We only had 2 miles left before we ran out of gas and he had a smile from ear to ear.  I was trying to decide what we were going to do if we ran out of gas and weren’t near a gas station and then, with one mile left, we made it to the gas station.  Once we filled up, I told him that we wouldn’t have been able to ride in the tow truck, they would have just gotten us gas if we had to call them.  With so many tow truck shows on tv, what kid wouldn’t want to experience a ride or two in them?  Have you ever watched Lizard Lick Towing or South Beach Tow on True TV?  My oldest son had to write a paper on the importance of team work and he wrote about Bobby and Ronny from Lizard Lick Towing.  I wonder what his teacher thought about that?

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