BlogLovin – How to Use it!

First off you have until Monday, July 1, 2013 to have all the people you follow transferred automatically from Google Reader to Bloglovin!! Take advantage of it now!! You can always make changes after the fact.  What changes you might ask.

When the list is first populated it comes over uncategorized. Start by hitting the button home—this will list every single post made by anyone on your list. Now if you want to you can just scroll down-click into whatever you are interested in—read it—(it will open in a separate window)—close it and then if you want—like it. This will put it into another pre set category called Liked Posts.  But if you are like a lot of bloggers you really do not have the time to scroll through 100’s of posts a day—you can make up your own categories. It actually is quite simple.

If you know the name of the blog you are looking for just type it into the search bar at the top-it will take you there-then scroll way up and you will see one of two things. You may see the word following with nothing else—just click it to Unfollow—the click again to Follow and it will ask you to pick a group. You can make up your own groups! Here are a couple that you might use: Friends, Giveaway Linkys, Coupon Sites. Or you may see Following—then Change Group. In this case you can either make a new category or pick one you have already created. Categorizing can be a GREAT time saver.  There are also tabs up top where you are not following—they are called Popular Blogs and Top Blogs which are categorized in type of blog order –Art, Beauty, Design, other etc.

The functionality of Bloglovin is so much better the Google Reader and it comes up faster as well!! So what are you waiting for—sign up for Bloglovin!!

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