Book or E-Book?

Lately it seems that all the author’s and publishers are “pushing” e-books. There are many reasons for this phenomenon.  Probably the most important being the “bottom line”—let’s face facts it is a lot cheaper to have a book typed up once into e-book format which can be emailed at little to no cost to the buyer, then having to publish thousands of copies of either a paperback and/or hardback and then having the cost of shipping these books to either an individual or a bookstore and hope they sell.  Just getting a book written and edited has to be figured into the cost of a book as well.

From a reader’s perspective most still love to hold a book, smell it, turn the pages. There is something about holding that book that hopefully will remain with readers for many years to come. Of course there is the price and many readers are turning to e-readers for that fact alone. Then again, many are not. They have an e-reader and decide they really are not comfortable reading on it (or on their computer if they have an e-reader app). Many e-reader machines are just sitting there—unless the author decides not to have paperback or hardcover books printed—which is a big mistake.

Audio books seem to be used in automobiles while driving. Not such a great idea—especially if the story gets really interesting. Audio books are a bit more expensive then e-books mainly because the person reading the book has to be paid. If you have bad eyes and can no longer read comfortably—then audio books are a life saver.

Will “real” books go the way of the dinosaur? This author sincerely hopes NOT.

Speaking of books, have you checked out Joy: A Treasure Protector Story by Julian T. Nichols.   When reading this you can travel with Anna through her dreams as she meets the Treasure Protectors. With each meeting, Anna gets closer and closer to her true destiny. Joy and Kindness detail her first two encounters.

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