#GoodLife Happens Even When You Are Feeling Down

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When life gets you down and nothing but nothing seems to be working out the way you want it to, or think it should, just remember the old adage “When Life Gives You Lemons—Make Lemonade” or if you can’t-maybe someone else will help you.

A couple of months ago all my neighbor’s kids were sick, one right after the other. They were stuck in the house and her online business, which was booming, suddenly did an about face. Her hubby was not exactly being supportive—then he got sick. Great, three sick, whining, complaining males all vying for her undivided attention. Well, finally everyone in her household was healthy again and needed to be chauffeured to various activities, not to mention food shopping, general errands and she really had to get back to working on the internet.  Their second car, which was used for that purpose, broke down! Her hubby needed his vehicle for work because he travels a lot and he had already missed a couple of weeks of work with no pay.  Feeling picked on and really thinking about leaving homen the mechanic they typically use for repairs was called.  

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Wonder of wonders—miracles of miracles—he said he could take care of her that day AND would come by and pick up her car. Turns out it was a major job but unbeknownst to all but her husband—they had insurance to cover the repair! This lovely, wonderful, caring man fixed the car in two days-met with the insurance adjuster—and all but the deductible was taken care of. Life was beginning to look up for her—no more thoughts of running away from home!! The kids all got to their respective activities and all errands were completed.  The moral to this story—even when the world appears to be against you—there will always be some kind hearted soul to restore your faith in humanity.

Check out this Allstate Good Life video. I love the message!

When is the last time someone helped you out when you were down? Did you know them personally or did they offer to help you out of the blue when they noticed that you needed help?

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