Got LUCKY In The Grocery Parking Lot


I was SOOOO lucky yesterday afternoon.  While reading this, keep in mind, I just posted “Doesn’t Help To Get In A Hurry” last week.  The 6 yr old and I went to the grocery and were in a big hurry.  We were trying to pick up something for supper before my husband got home from work.  We ran in and bought a pre cooked chicken and fruit and headed back out to the van.  On the way out the door, we saw a little girl and her mother that we knew through horse back riding lessons and we were chatting on our way out to the car.  Once we made it to the car, I told Bobby to get in and I would unload the groceries.  Once I had the groceries unloaded, I put the cart in the cart return in the parking lot, hopped in the truck and headed home to start the mac n cheese.

As you know, I LOVE taking pics with my cell phone and wanted to take a picture of my chicken and couldn’t find my phone.  I called my number with the cell phone and ran through the house listening for it.  Then I called my number again and went outside to listen in the van when it hit me…..I left my cell phone in the top part of the grocery shopping cart.  I grabbed my keys, hopped in the van and took off for the grocery parking lot.  Luckily the carts were all still in the cart return and 5 carts back from the front was my cell phone with the solid grape color back of the cell phone case showing from the top of my cart.  Can you believe it?  Can you believe that my iPhone 5 was still there after five other people had put their shopping carts away?  I had probably left it in the parking lot for at least 20 minutes before realizing that I had misplaced it.  I really have to start paying more attention and not being in such a hurry all the time!

Have you ever left something in a shopping cart in the parking lot?  Were you able to find it once you realized it was gone?

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