Guest Post: 3 Ways To Pamper Yourself

Women love feeling ladylike and feminine, but life’s daily grind can sometimes make us forget all about getting in touch with our inner goddess. Taking the time to pamper yourself, indulging in small luxuries and making yourself look like a million dollars for a day can do wonders for bringing back that inner feminine spark in every woman. This post features 3 top “experience day” activities that women can do to get back in touch with their feminine side.

Glamour Shots and Makeover

Posing for glamour shots can be fun for any woman and can be an especially great time for a woman who enjoys getting in front of the camera.  During a Glamour Shot, you can be photographed by a real fashion photographer whose job it is to make you feel at ease while capturing your inner beauty. Before your photo shoot, you’ll have a chance to meet your photographer, and you’ll also get a makeover to give you model-like looks during your shoot. This activity not only makes you feel like a star for a day, but you’ll also receive a set of amazing photographs to share with your friends and family.


Personal Shopping Experience or a Shopping Tour

This makes an especially great activity for friends who just need to enjoy some much-needed girl time. A personal shopping experience allows you-and a guest if you should choose to bring a friend – to meet with a style consultant who can help guide you through selecting new items to add to your wardrobe. Some personal shopping experiences also include a consultation with a beauty professional. A shopping tour takes you and your invited guest through neighborhoods home to trendy, fashionable or cutting-edge stores. This makes a fun activity for women who love to shop and who want to know insider information about what’s coming up for the next season or more about the history of the neighborhood or its’ stores.

Spa Day

A spa day provides a wonderful and relaxing way for you to pamper yourself and get in touch with their feminine side. Taking a day to let yourself receive a massage, facial, manicure, pedicure and/or an aromatherapy treatment makes you feel like a goddess. It also has the added benefit of easing stress, making you feel happier and more relaxed and being just plain fun. Women often spend so much time taking care of others that they don’t usually get the chance to simply indulge themselves and let someone else take care of them for a change. A spa day is the perfect way to bring life back into balance by focusing on themselves.

Spending a day to treat yourself is the perfect antidote when life gets too stressful. Your inner woman needs recognition and nurturing once in awhile.  Which one of these activities would you most like to do this month?

 Written by Katie Garbett, a personal shopping assistant and freelance writer. She enjoys sharing her experiences and insights on various shopping blogs. Do you live in the UK, if so, make sure to visit for more fun ideas in your area.

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