Have You Tried Skinny Pop?

skinny pop

I reviewed Skinny Pop popcorn awhile back and now, my boys and I are addicted.  I had been buying it in our local grocery and now they have stopped selling it.  I know I can also get it at WalGreens, but that is not a weekly stop for me, so I haven’t made the time to pick any up.  Yesterday I couldn’t wait any longer so I made a quick run to Walgreens and picked up another bag.  Did you know that Skinny Pop also offers 100 calorie bags?  I saw them advertised on Amazon, so I asked Walgreens if they could order some 100 calorie bags for me.  They weren’t able to get the order to go through while I was at the store, but hopefully they will be able to order it.  If not, I may be ordering online.

photo (53)

Here’s Travis eating the popcorn and Dakota waiting for him to drop a few pieces which is bound to happen if she sits there long enough.  Have you seen Skinny Pop in the stores near you?  If so, which stores have you seen it in?  Have you seen the 100 calorie bags or just the full size bag?  If you are trying to count calories, this is a great snack to keep on hand.


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