Tips: Kayaking With The Kids

kayak feet

Our town has kayak rentals and my boys have always wanted to try this out, so this weekend we hit the lake!  Everyone left their phones in the car, but I couldn’t resist taking my phone along so I could snap some pictures.  The picture above shows the view from my kayak once we were out on the lake.

kayack 2

Here’s the kayak team rowing away – so much fun!!!

kayack 3

This is the Lochness Monster that you can see from the park.  He is attacking one of our boats!


Check out this family of ducks, we also saw cranes, turtles and many fish jumping.

Kayak Tips:

  • Go early so you can beat the afternoon heat.
  • Bring along a drink and a small snack.  Our kayaks had places to keep these items.
  • Remember your sunscreen.
  • Wear shoes that you don’t mind getting wet.
  • Make a trip to the bathroom before leaving the dock.
  • Bring something that floats for your phone / camera.  I had my phone in a ziploc bag, but if I would’ve dropped it, it would have sank.
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