Keep Your Spare Change In The Car

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 Here’s my spare change stash for downstairs.  How much change do you find when you do laundry?

Summer is so hectic and so far, my kids and I have been burning up the roads running back and forth to camps and activities.  Sometimes there isn’t much time to spare in between destinations so we’ve gathered all our spare change and have been using it for quick breakfast trips or snacks in between.  I always try to pack snacks and a cooler, but when leaving for those early morning camps, where the kids aren’t moving as quickly as they need to, I have to admit that we do run through the donut shop drive through for kolaches.

Packing a cooler for the car can really save you money.  It gets so hot during Texas Summers that I pack a large cooler at the start of each day when we will be out and about.  I pack it with enough ice to make it all day long.  Summer camps require each child to carry water bottles and we also like to have cold drinks when we’ve been out all day and it is so hot.  Just think, if we had to stop at the convenient store each time we were thirsty, we wouldn’t just spend money on drinks, you know everyone would want to buy convenient store snacks too.  When you pack snacks, just remember to not pack the items that will melt unless you place them in a baggie inside your cooler.  For example, I pack animal crackers and pretzels which can be left in our car at all times.

Think about all the change you have in the different rooms in your house.  Gather it up and keep it in your car.  It is great for those quick trips for cheap soft serve ice cream cones where you just don’t want to use your card or write a check for such a small amount.  Depending on your child’s age, this can be a great math lesson.  While we are waiting to get to the drive thru window, I always have my 7 year old start counting our change and sorting it into dollar piles so we don’t take forever to count change once it’s our turn to pay.

What do you do with your extra change?  Do you roll your change or use it at the store or restaurants?

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  1. Christy Garrett

    I toss my extra change in my car, especially, when I actually use cash to pay for something. It is great for items that are worth putting on your debit card.

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