4 pk. Headband Giveaway ENDS 7/1

This was brought to you by and  I received a 4 pk of headbands from in order to facilitate my headband review and all opinions are 100% my own unless otherwise stated.


I exercise four times a week and hair in my face while doing push ups can be very irritating.  I have to wear my hair back and keep it out of my face during my hour workout sessions.  A pony tail and a quality headband will definitely do the trick.  I have bought many headbands from local athletic stores, but none of them have gripped my head as well as the MaxFlowSports headbands.  As soon as I took my first headband out of the package to try it on, you could tell a huge difference in the elasticity and fit compared to the other brand name headbands that I was currently wearing.  I was very impressed with the MaxFlowSports headbands and even gave one to my personal trainer to test out.  She works at the gym many hours a day teaching classes and holding personal training sessions, so I figured she’d be the best one to truly “test” out the MaxFlowSports headbands.

headband sheet

Check out the Cross Grip technology on the inside of these headbands.  It TRULY makes a difference and provides for slip resistance.  The “cross grip” that you see below are actually lines that you can feel that provide extra grip and make a HUGE difference in the elasticity of these headbands.


Keep in mind, in order for this to work the best, it needs to be placed towards the front of your head and not on top of your head behind your bang line as I am wearing it below.

me headband

This headband will stay in place on top of my head as you see in the pic until I do vigorous floor exercises, but when I wear it under my bangs and closer to the front of my head it stays in place throughout all exercise activities.  I just prefer to wear it as seen above when I do standing exercises.  My personal trainer, Ruth, said that her MaxSports headband stayed in place from 7 am until 7 pm while she worked at the gym with no issues.  She has longer bangs than mine, so she wears her head bands as shown in the picture below.  She said that some headbands will give her headaches when worn for long periods of time, but she hasn’t experienced any headaches with her MaxFlowSports headband.  Being a mom of two football players, she said that these headbands would be great for kids who play football.  Wearing football helmets for long periods of time in the Texas heat can cause acne on the forehead and wearing headbands to allow sun to hit the forehead will help dry out the acne in between football practices.


Here’s a great example from of how to wear the headbands in order to receive the best performance from them.  See how they are wearing the headbands closer to the front of their heads.  If you sweat a lot while exercising you will really like these headbands.  I don’t know about you, but when I get finished with my hour walk or my hour BodyPump class, my hair is drenched with sweat.  The sweat will run down my face and in my eyes and can be very irritating when you are holding weights and can’t reach up and wipe the swear off until break time.  When I wear the headbands, it will also be full of sweat but they are machine washable in cold water, so no problem.  They are 100% polyester, one size fits most and need to hang dry after being washed.

Does your hair get in your face when you exercise?  Do you like to wear your hair out of your face on a regular basis?  Do you sweat a lot?  You don’t have to exercise to wear these, you can wear these on a daily basis to keep your hair back.  Once I started wearing headbands, I found myself grabbing them throughout the week.  They are easy to put on and keep your hair out of your face while adding to your outfit.  They provide a different look besides wearing your hair down or in a pony tail.  When is the last time you wore a headband?

MaxFlowSports is offering a giveaway bundle on BlogWithMom.  They are giving away the same 4pk of MaxFlowSports headbands as I received for this review.  The lucky winner will win one of each color:  black, black/white, fluorescent pink and fluorescent green.  Each headband retails for $9.99 making this prizepack work approximately $40.  Good luck everyone, the winner must be 18 years or older and must be a US resident.  Make sure to bookmark this giveaway and return each day to earn extra entries for your retweets.



29 thoughts on “ 4 pk. Headband Giveaway ENDS 7/1”

  1. I would give it to my niece. She does the Insanity work out every morning and has a lot f hair to hold back.

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  5. I’d keep them for me and wear them when running! I’ve got long bangs, and keeping my hair out of my face on a long run is a constant struggle.

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  7. I’m keeping these babies. I’m trying to get in shape so I’ll wear them when I’m walking and working out.

  8. I would wear them myself and would share some with my daughter. We would wear them for walking, running and biking!

  9. If I would win this contest, my daughter would receive the 4pk of MaxFlowSports headbands because she enjoys putting miles on her bike in this scenic town. thank you

  10. I would wear the headbands & I would use them for running.

    Moniquebbon at gmail dot com

  11. I would wear these I would wear these to work as . I do alot of walking and lifting so i sweat alot and i have short hair so this would come in handy.

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  13. My daughter who plays travel softball would get them. She wears a couple of them every weekend but the ones she wears don’t stay in very well. Thank you!

  14. If I won these my granddaughter would use them when she plays softball. She really needs to keep her hair off her face when she pitches. Thanks

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