My Family Loves iTunes Games

Do your kids play their handheld games anymore?  How about their full size game systems?  My kids have the Nintendo DS, Playstation, Wii and XBox and would rather play the cheap cell phone games.  This is good for me since I no longer have to buy the expensive games, but what am I supposed to do with all this stuff that is catching dust and no longer being played?  If you have any of these game systems at your house, you know how much money can get caught up in them.  My kids might play their Nintendo DS’s but my youngest son has lost his, so that just causes a fight.  We have looked everywhere for it and just can’t find it.  There’s no telling where it is.  I can’t remember the last time that he had it, so I just gave up on finding it.

This summer I plan on having the boys clean our their rooms and make piles of items to give away and items that they could sell to earn a little extra money for our summer vacation.  Would you sell your DS if you could get a little extra money if it wasn’t being played anymore?   Think of all the room we could have if we got rid of their game systems and all their games.  I hate to get rid of those systems since I know how much money I spent on them, but I don’t see them getting played any time soon.  I guess I might as well sell them while they are in great working shape.  Guitar Hero was one of my favorite games to play and the kids don’t even miss it.  They love to sit on the couches at night while I watch tv and play the games they buy from iTunes.  Who would have thought that such cheap games could bring so much enjoyment.  My husband is even addicted, so now all three of them look like this at night:

couch games

Everyone has their own iPhone or iPod and away they go!  I don’t get into these games as much as they do, maybe it is just a guy thing.  Does your house look like this at night?  Does your family play the iTunes games or do they prefer the regular game systems?

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  1. boys and their technology! LOL Great post Bobbie and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BIRTHDAY BOY! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

    1. Thank you Annie! We had a great birthday weekend and will have another one in a few weeks since both boys have June birthdays.

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