Save Time With Quick Chicken Meals



My husband was on a diet that required him to eat lots of chicken, so I started buying the pre-cooked warm chickens from the grocery to save time.  I buy two at a time and pull the meat off the bone and place it in a container.  This makes it so easy to measure out his chicken and warm it up and he needs it.  This has also become quick “chicken on the go.”  It is so easy to grab and go or warm up quickly and tastes great.  Our favorite flavor is the Cajun Chicken.  If you have this in your fridge, it is easy to make a side dish and supper is served.  Face it, summertime can be very busy, and it is always best to be prepared.

Do you ever buy pre cooked chickens from the store?  What is your favorite flavor?  Do you like to eat it cold from the fridge or would you prefer to have it warmed up?

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