Shop For Coupon Codes When Making Online Purchase

How often do you shop online?  Do you ever shop for coupon codes while in the process of checking out?  I have been able to get free shipping, and save a percentage off my bill numerous times by grabbing one of these online codes.  There are several sites where you can find coupon codes, but I usually do not browse those sites because that may cause me to want to shop more.  I wait until I have the product in my online shopping cart, then I search coupon codes for that particular store before I complete my transaction.  Most of the time, I always find a working coupon code, but if I don’t, that’s fine because I wanted the product before I even had an online code.  I don’t want to shop a store just because I have a coupon code, I want to make sure that I get the exact product that I wanted before ever looking for a valid code.

Free shipping promotions can sometimes be found through coupon codes.  Free shipping is always a plus for me as well as saving a percentage off my purchase.  Sometimes it is just as cheap to buy a product online than it is to drive all over town hunting it down by searching store after store.  Have you ever went for a specific brand of jeans and the store didn’t have your size?  I wear tall sizes and most of the stores run out of the tall jeans pretty quickly.  I don’t know why they don’t keep more in stock.  You would think they would realize they need to keep more tall sizes on hand if they are always sold out.  Finally after many disappointing trips to the store, I decided to always buy my jeans online so that I could easily order my size instead of crossing my fingers and hoping to find a pair of tall jeans at the store.   If I had to try on the jeans first, I would make sure to go to the store, but when you are ordering a style that you have previously owned, you know that they will fit when they arrive if your diet hasn’t drastically changed.

Do you shop online?  What types of items do you like to buy through the internet?  Are you buying from stores that aren’t local?

5 thoughts on “Shop For Coupon Codes When Making Online Purchase”

  1. Thanks for this info. I’m always googling coupon codes and there are so many outdated sites out there and a complete waste of time! Love saving money with online purchases.

  2. i haven’t had great luck on coupon sites either…i get a lot of expired codes. so far one of the best online shopping tools i’ve found is price blink. it’s a tool bar that only pops up when you’re on a site looking at something for sale.

    on the toolbar it tells you who has the cheapest price, then gives you a list of merchants who carry it and their prices for the object you’re looking at (and they include shipping costs), they also have drop down coupons for the site you’re on and a chart of the price history. one of the best things they have is a ‘wish list’ where you can set a price you want to pay for an item and it will email you when the object hits that price.

    i find it really helpful – it doesn’t take up much room and i can turn it off if i want to. i use it on amazon a lot and they usually have the lowest price…but not always and the if the price history shows the object is at a high point, i usually wait until it comes down again.

    i have it on firefox, but i’d guess it’s probably available for most browsers.

  3. I always check for coupon codes when I am checking out, but I usually don’t have enough merchandise in my cart for them to be applicable.

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