Pictures Of Southfork Ranch: Home Of “Dallas” Television Show

We were in Dallas, Texas and visited Southfork Ranch, which is one of the most recognized homes in TV history. The Southfork Mansion is known for its role in the long-time running show, “Dallas.”  I can remember watching JR and the Ewings on “Dallas”  with my parents when I was younger.  Here are some pictures that I took while touring the Southfork grounds.



Here’s a REAL Texas Cowboy.  Check him out, he’s on his laptop while enjoying the outdoors at Southfork.  He was so involved that he didn’t even know I was taking his picture.


These photos were placed throughout the main building.


Here’s Bobby in the gift shop area in the main building.


 Here’s Patrick Duffy’s prints.


This is the area where we looked around while waiting for the tour tractor and wagon to pick us up.


Here we are on the tractor pulled tour wagon.  It drove us from the main building to the Southfork Mansion.


This is the Southfork Mansion Kitchen.  Many scenes were filmed here.


 Southfork Mansion Living Area


Here is Travis in one of the many Southfork Mansion bathrooms


This pool can be seen from the Southfork Mansion kitchen window.


 Here I am, hanging out on the back porch.


 Gift Shop Trunk Sale 

We had a blast on this tour, you should check it out if you are in the area.  Check out my post, 8 Places You Have To Visit When In Texas to read about  a few other “prize” places to check out when you are in the area.  Have you ever visited Texas?  What is your favorite thing to do here?

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  1. Wow, that is so cool. My husband and I visited South Fork Ranch many years ago before we had kids. Your pictures brought back so many fond memories. Thanks!

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