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The health of your children is of utmost importance, yet many families wonder if buying organic fruits, vegetables, eggs, and dairy products can really make a difference.  In fact, it can!  Organic foods are an essential part of a healthy diet for any child.  Many parents don’t realize just how many pesticides and chemically-processed products go into the food that their children eat.  Organic food offers a chance for parents to feed their children food that is good for them and that has been produced in a way that doesn’t harm their growing bodies.For example, Horizon Organic’s milk comes from cows who have never been fed synthetic pesticides.  Instead, the cows have been fed fresh pasture greens and organic feed.  This means that the cows are not only being fed a healthier diet, but that they are more lean than their pesticide-fed counterparts.  Organic milk products also do not contain added growth hormones that many dairy producers add in order to get more out of their cows.

This post is sponsored by Horizon Organic. You can visit Horizon Organic online to find coupons to save on your favorite organic products.  Using coupons is a “must” in our family since even a few cents of savings can quickly add up.  I love that Horizon Organic offers coupons for families.  You can simply print out your coupons and bring them to your local grocery store on your next visit.  Make sure you keep your coupons in a coupon binder or in your purse so you don’t forget them on your next shopping trip.

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  1. I think you hit the nail on the head that most of us (myself included) just don’t know what’s going into our children’s food. We just expect it to be the healthiest it can be if we get it from the store, but we’re learning more and more that it’s simply not the case. I always like to hear about the healthier alternatives. Thank you for the brand FYI.

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