Summer Chore Chart – MAKE one!

My kids do not just offer help, they do best when they can follow a list and mark each chore off so I made a Summer Chore Chart for the fridge.  I went searched online for different chore charts hoping to come across an easy idea because I didn’t want to make a huge chart that called for Popsicle sticks, pictures and etc.  I was looking for a quick list where my kids could either use small stickers or check marks once they finished that particular chore.  I also needed a way to use one chore chart for both kids.  I had to make sure that all the chores were even and that both boys received the same amount of chores throughout the week.   Here’s the site I used to make my chore chart:

There were pictures you could choose for headers but that made my list too long so I ended up cutting off the top section.  Once you make this chart be ready to adjust it for a week or so.  There are some days that just don’t work for all chores if you have too many activities lined up.  I have had our chart for a week and we are still making adjustments.  When I was browsing this site, there was a recommendation that said to have your child color your chart and then get it laminated, but in my case, it is way too early for that.  We have to get everything figured out before we do any laminating.

chore list

As you can see, I ended up taping two sheets together because I had chosen to use a header on our chore chart.  We also had to make major adjustments because the chores I had sent for them in the summer aren’t working all that well with them still being in school this week.

Here’s a list of the chores that I included:

  • Feed Dakota (dog)
  • Trash
  • Dirty Clothes
  • Stock Drinks
  • Unload Dishwasher
  • Set Supper Table
  • Take Out Trash Cans
  • Put Trash Cans Away
  • Pick Up Room
  • Put Away Laundry
  • Read
  • Mow The Yard
  • Blow Off Back Porch
  • Blow Off Driveway
  • Skill Training/ Exercise
  • Brush Dakota

You have to be very strict with this once you start it.  Both boys were a little shocked that they were going to have to do set chores every day, but the 6 year accepted it much quicker than the 12 year old who is still fighting me on it.  I tell them that once their chores are done they can play with their friends, but if their friends ask them to play, they have to finish their chores before they can go.  The 12 year old loves to go to the basketball park and is having a hard time understanding that I am serious when I say that all chores have to be finished first.    I can already tell a big difference with the appearance of the house after the chore chart has been put in place.  Do you have a chore chart?  If so, where do you keep it?  How long did it take for your kids to accept it once it was first put in place at your house?

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